Christian faith is central to our lives. Faith is where we share our experience of Christ's spirit living in our lives. We pray with people often and you will find testimonies about how some of those prayers were answered.

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When we research an issue or news event, the result is an article. Our first article on journalism was written as our standard for new journalism on this website. Each article has footnotes or a reference page and an index.

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Resources include source documents referred to in articles if they are critical and hard to otherwise find. There are also links to tools that will help find sources and to websites that we have reviewed and support.

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Where "We the people" are the special interest!

We believe that the United States is a unique social and political experiment. Most nations have a racial, cultural, historical and linguistic identity that defines “us” for them. The United States does not. Our glue is defined by an idea.

Our idea is that individual rights are granted by God, however you define God, to citizens without consideration of race, creed or culture and these rights may not be given or taken away by governments. Our Constitution and the “rule of law” define our agreements about protecting our rights as well as our agreements about how to live together.

Journalism was considered so important to the rule of law by our founders, they considered it a fifth branch of government. Our Constitution defines our government as a series of checks and balances, pitting our diverse interests against each other in the expectation that this will give “we the people’s” interests the best possible chance of being cared for fairly. But this only works if “we the people” can tell what is realy going on.

Because politics is about acquiring and applying the power to control the behavior of other people through law, politics requires oversite by informed citizens. The job of keeping us informed was given by our nation’s founders to journalism, complete with legal protections given to no other profession.

Unfortunately journalism has failed its duty to seek truth, to report fact and to separate fact from opinion as reporters became partisan. Our political discourse has degenerated into the use of opinions, distortions and defamation, that are used like facts, to make points. It's both a propaganda and political organizing technique. Reporters, academics and members of government have become partisan spokespersons. Any people who are unable to determine what the facts are become prey to opinion and rumor.

To hear each other above the deafening noise of partisan journalists, we not only need to be able to prove our points, we must show we know what we are talking about and be able to show others how information has been or is being distorted or misrepresented. This requires us to seek the truth, discern facts and be ruled by the basic principle: Freedom of speech and opinion does not imply or give citizens a right to make up their own facts.

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