Christianity & Religious Freedom

Resource documents to articles posted in the Faith forum and articles in the Christianity & Religious Freedom category. Includes articles on ecumenism, healing prayer, deliverance, discipleship, religious freedom, the First Amendment protections and Christian persecution.

Defense, Homeland Security and Law Enforcement.

Resources that cover defense policy, Constitutional safeguards, defense and weapons technology, threat assessments, the intelligence services, the effect and the use of force internationally between nations, internal national security forces and local security enforcement.

A Sample of How Progressives View Christianity as the Problem

US State Department Report on Religious Freedom By Country

World Watch List: 50 Worst Persecution Countries

2004 Congressional Research Service EMP Reports

EMP Commission Report on Korean Threat

2008 Congressional Research Service EMP Report Update

Missile Defense, the Space Relationship & the 21st Century

Heritage Foundation Backgrounder Overview of EMP

DNI Worldwide Threat Assessment

Journalism, the Media and the Fifth Estate

Resources for articles on Journalism, the Media and the Fifth Estate. Includes journalism its standards and purpose, the founder's view of a free press, the Constitutional and legal rights given the media and journalists, the Fairness Doctrine and Citizen Journalism.

Freedom of Speech, the Public Square & Social Media

Resources about the protected rights of freedom of expression and freedom of speech; what are not protected rights; the public square and the protected locations of free speech; and the new public square, social media, and the fight to liberate it. Focus on emerging legislation and the problems of Twitter and Facebook.